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New Subscription Options for Multiple Licenses

Purchase additional licenses for you company at discounted prices!

Dear Subscribers,

We are glad to announce that you can now purchase additional licenses for your Company at a discounted price.

After purchasing a primary subscription, you can now add additional licenses to be used by other individuals in your Company for €238 (incl. VAT) per license. Each license will be registered to a different account, and therefore can be used to access the portal independently of the primary subscription.

To add additional license, please follow the follow steps:


Step 1

After registering an account, purchase a primary subscription under the "Subscriptions" section.


Step 2

When the primary subscription is activated, go to "My Account" and click the "Purchase another subscription for €228" button.


 Step 3

Proceed with checkout and choose your preferred payment method.


Step 4

Once the payment has been received, an activation code (or activation codes if you purchased multiple subscriptions) will appear in "My Account". 



Step 5

Proceed to register a new account for every extra subsciption you have purchased.


Step 6

After registering a new account, go to "My Account" and click on the "Activate with a code" button.


Step 7

Enter the code supplied in step 4, and the account will be activated.